Revamping Your Style: Nail 2022 Trends to Look Out For


The new year brings in a fresh wave of fashion and its reflections on all aspects, including nail trends. Bracing ourselves for the exciting nail 2022 trends that promise to be trendsetters, it’s essential to dive deeper into this world of enticing nail arts. You’ll find an assortment of designs, ranging from intricate patterns to minimalistic strokes, all aligned with the year’s overall style philosophy. Read on to discover and get inspired by the upcoming nail trends for 2022.

Bold and Oversized Nail Art

Bold is beautiful and oversized patterns are in. Bidding adieu to the subtlety of past years, nail trends in 2022 are all about statement designs. Think big, think bold. Whimsical botanical, faux-stone effects, and vibrant abstract art are a few of the anticipated designs likely to grace the fingertips this year.

Colour Swapping – A Twist to the Usual

Colour swapping or revisiting the retro ‘rainbow’ nails offers a fun and melodramatic touch to nail art. Bringing back the early 2000s trend, this innovation involves painting each nail a different colour or alternating between two shades. It’s a vivid nod to nostalgia and promises to be a massive hit among nail 2022 trends.

Abstract Expressionism

Creativity gets a new expression via abstract nail trends in 2022. It’s an excellent way for you to showcase your artistic side through your nail designs. Abstract squiggles, gentle waves, and free-hand sketches bring life and character to your nails.

Minimalistic Chic

While bold and vibrant designs create buzz, a strong contender for popularity is also the minimalistic chic trend. Dominated by nudes, pastels, and neutral motifs, this style is ideal for those who adore elegance and an understated yet stylish look. The emergence of ‘negative space’ designs is turning heads in the nail industry, making it a considerable part of nail 2022 trends.

Metallic Shimmers

Metallic will be the go-to texture for many nail enthusiasts in 2022. The luxurious lure of silver, gold, bronze, and metallic hues adds a lustrous sheen to your hands, making them irresistibly captivating.

Monotone Manicures

Monotone manicures present a comeback this year, proving that sometimes less is indeed more. One of the classic nail trends, they offer a certain level of sophistication that is hard to match. Dive deeper into the world of matte finishes or shiny gel nails and find a shade that best compliments your style.

Graphic Prints

An interesting offshoot of the desire for bold prints has been the surge in popularity of graphic print manicures. From animal prints to simple striped designs, the usage of graphic design principles in nail art ensures that your hands can become a conversation starter.


Overall, nail 2022 trends are about pushing the boundaries while retaining the charm of the classics. It’s all about self-expression and individual preferences. Whether it’s going all-in with bold designs or keeping it cool with minimalistic touches, there’s something for everyone. So, gear up to embrace these trending nail styles and let your hands do all the talking in 2022.

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