The Unveiling of the Eyeliner Trends for the Year 2023


As we welcome the year 2023, it’s time to being updated about the latest eyeliner trends imminent to dominate the beauty industry. The transformation that eyeliner fashion has undergone over the years is impressive, with styles traversing from dramatic winged to minimalist lines. Here, we shall explore and uncover the dazzling eyeliner trends for 2023 that will set the stage for a creative and stylish year.

The Reinvention of Classic Cat Eyes

The return of classic cat eyes is one of the foremost trends of 2023. This time, it arrives on the stage with an updated twist, making it more voguish and striking than ever. The 2023 version ushers in a sophisticated angular look, focusing on a precise and error-free application. The classic cat eyes meet the minimalist vibe of modern times, curating a visually appealing look that is bound to turn heads.

Graphic Eyeliner Revolution

In 2023, expect to witness an overwhelming graphic eyeliner revolution. Aimed at creating out-of-the-box and innovative looks, the graphic eyeliners would predominantly feature abstract shapes and intricate designs. Now is the perfect time to experiment with colours, styles, and patterns, paving the path for a cosmetic transformation.

Floating Eyeliner: Set to Soar High

The emerging floating eyeliner trend is geared up to take the beauty industry by storm in 2023. As the name suggests, it involves a line applied to the crease of the eyelid, rather than the lash line. The result? An illusion of ‘floating’ that adds an extra layer of dimension and depth to your eyes.

Underliner: The Understated Trend of 2023

The understated charm lies in simplicity, and the Underliner trend emphatically echoes this thought. This technique emphasises the undereye area by outlining it with bold eyeliner hues. The key to executing it, as we can foresee, would be keeping the rest of the makeup minimal, letting the underliner be the starring element of the look.

Double Eyeliner: Twice the Impact

The captivating double eyeliner trend promises to take centre stage in 2023. This trend involves applying two parallel eyeliner lines on the upper eyelid, creating an exciting peek-a-boo effect. The technique demands precision, concentration, and a knack for creativity – the ingredients for a ground-breaking makeup trend.

The Resurgence of Bold Colors

As we transition into 2023, the reign of monochromatic eyeliners is set to fade, paving the way for bold and vibrant eyeliner colors. Ranging from electric blues to radiant pinks – breaking the monotony and bringing in a riot of colours is the name of the game.

Smudged Eyeliner: Perfectly Imperfect

In contrast to the razor-sharp eyeliner styles, the smudged eyeliner look is all set to make a comeback. The imperfectly perfect appearance that this style adds is sure to make its own fashion statement. This effortlessly chic look would be the epitome of fashion-forward in the eyeliner trends of 2023.


Eyeliners are undeniably an integral aspect of our makeup routine. However, as style evolves and new trends hit the fashion scene, it becomes essential to stay updated and experiment with the latest trends. Whether it’s the return of classic styles, like the cat-eye and smudged look, or the emergence of new trends, like the underliner and floating eyeliner, 2023 appears to be a promising year when it comes to eyeliner style. So step into the new year, geared up with your favourite eyeliner and a pinch of creativity up your sleeve; delve into the world of dramatic, bold, and aesthetically pleasant eyeliner trends, all set to rule the year.

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