The Enthralling Journey Throughout the ‘60s Makeup Trends: A Timeless Revolution

Introduction: Embracing the Golden Era of Beauty

The zestful 60s was a dynamic phase in history, lush with distinctive makeup trends that mirrored the zeitgeist of an era of vast progression. The style transitioned from the pastel hues of the earlier years to the vivacious colors and patterns that personified the latter years. This article will take you back to the influential 60s era, inviting you to explore the timeless beauty trends and how they revolutionized the world of makeup.

The Early ‘60s Makeup Trend: A Blast from the Past

The ‘60s makeup trends took off from where the ‘50s waved goodbye. Women in the early 60s still clung to a natural look characterized by minimal makeup and pastel shades, courtesy of idols like Audrey Hepburn. The major innovation happens in cat eye aesthetics with the introduction of liquid eye liners. The false eyelashes trend also began in this era, adding a dramatic element to eyes that became a staple part of every woman’s makeup wardrobe.

The Mid ’60s Makeup Trend: A New Wave of Color

The mid ‘60s witnessed Technicolor movies, which ultimately influenced makeup styles. Now we saw a splurge of bright, bold colours in makeup palettes. The natural look was replaced with a doll-like representation, accentuated by the renowned model Twiggy. Her iconic, heavy-lined eyes and pale lip trend became a hit and was meticulously replicated throughout this era.

The Swagger of Contouring and Eye Enhancements

The ‘60s were golden years for contouring and eye enhancements. The objective was to define the facial structure, and matt powders were used to create depth and highlights. Beyond the traditional black, eye shadows and liners began use of aquatic shades like blue and green, coupled with shimmering pastels, made eyes pop more than ever.

Lip Trends: Shifting towards the Matte

In contrast to the ‘50s, the lip trends in the 60s moved away from bright, glossy reds. Instead, softer and paler hues gained popularity. The trend was to balance the vibrant eye makeup with subdued lip colors, mostly pinks and peaches, in a pared-down matte finish.

Nailing the ‘60s Makeup Trend: A Different Shade for Every Day

Matching nails with the makeup was a major trendsetter in the ‘60s. Dual-shaded nails were popular, highlighted by fads of putting alternate colors on alternate nails. Brands, with their wide range of shades to choose from, pushed women to experiment with different colours every day.

Late ‘60s Makeup Trend: A Nostalgic Throwback

Progressing towards the late ‘60s, makeup trends began embodying the bohemian spirit. Sun-kissed makeup with bronzed complexions were in vogue, as were bold, floral prints. Darker eye makeup regained appeal, and the iconic cat eyes, with their heavy top eyeliner, reigned supreme.

Conclusion: The Everlasting ‘60s Makeup Influence

Decades later, the ‘60s makeup trends continue to be a source of inspiration. Bold, vibrant colors, dramatic eyes, and subtle lips have made a comeback and still dominate the makeup industry. Understanding these trends enables us to appreciate how the ‘60s era has been instrumental in shaping the face of contemporary beauty.

From Audrey Hepburn to Twiggy, the 60s announced the opening era of the makeup revolution. Whether it was the pastel hues of the early years, the vivid rainbow of shades of the mid-years, or the sun-kissed bronzer of the later years; the 60s makeup trend has unquestionably etched a rich legacy on the sands of time in the beauty world.

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